Thursday, December 6, 2012

Liberalism's willful utopian ignorance

Comedian: Liberal comics 'don't want to make fun of Obama because they feel that it will weaken him' | The Daily Caller:

“Modern Liberalism is a utopian ideology that is predicated on the notion that, since mankind lost paradise when Adam and Eve ate from the apple of knowledge, then mankind can return to paradise if only we’d all just ‘regurgitate the apple’ and give up all knowledge of right and wrong,” Sayet told  TheDC. 
“The notion is that, if we can eliminate the quest for what I call ‘the better,’ then there’d be nothing for people to disagree about. If people didn’t disagree about things, then they wouldn’t fight and, if they didn’t fight, then of course they’d never go to war. Peace on Earth — in fact, paradise — can be achieved, they’re convinced, if only they could eliminate the quest for the better.”
Which helps illuminate what Winston Churchill meant when he said that socialism, the modern liberals' passionate goal, is "the equal sharing of miseries."

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